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It’s been a crazy busy month. I hope to be uploading some new art soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d show some photos from my awesome September.

September 3rd, Labor Day! I spent Labor Day at the Minnesota State Fair at the Alphabet Forest, a fabulous area of the fair set up for families to enjoy free activities and meet local “home grown” authors and illustrators. This area was created by the super powered Debra Frasier!

Here’s a link to the Alphabet Forest. 

Here’s a link to Debra Frasier’s website.

There’s even a great blurb about the event on Publisher’s Weekly’s site!

September 8th, I had a blast at the wonderful Princeton Children’s Book Festival in New Jersey. I got to meet so many fantastic authors and illustrators, librarians, teachers, and families.

Rockin’ out The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Here’s a link to the Princeton Children’s Book Festival.

September 9th. Entertaining families at jaZams, a great independent toy/bookstore in Princeton, NJ!

Here’s a link to jaZams!

September 13th, My wife and I met Dav Pilkey! He was signing books at The Bookcase in Wayzata, MN.

Here’s a link to the Bookcase!

September 15th, I was at the Redwing Children’s Book Festival in Redwing, MN. These kids are comparing my original dummy for A Dog is a Dog to the finish product.

My wife, Trisha Speed Shaskan, read her book Seriously, Cinderella is so Annoying up in a tower at the Redwing festival.

Here’s a link to the Redwing festival at the Anderson Center.

Here’s a link to Seriously, Cinderella is so Annoying, by Trisha Speed Shaskan.

September 24th, I presented at Turtle Lake Elementary’s Family Fun Night in Shoreview, MN.

Here’s the link to School Librarian Extraordinaire Julie Reimer’s blog post about the Turtle Lake Elementary event. 

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Here’s the flyer for an upcoming bookstore event!


Click on the image below, and you can print your own pdf.

Here is a link to the facebook event page!

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Boneshaker Sketch


Boneshaker Books Sketch

This is a sketch for a flyer/postcard for an event at Boneshaker Books. Boneshaker Books is another great independent book store here in Minneapolis!

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Toddler art for A Dog is a Dog at Play in L.A.!


Play specializes in music and art, and all of our activities are designed for children to participate in along with parents or caregivers. In the design of our space and of our programs, we strive to create an environment that encourages exploration, and is fun and exciting both for kids and their adults. Here’s the link to PLAY!

The awesome people at Play read my book and had a fun project to do with parents and their toddlers! Here are the results!

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