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Loose Ends


First, I would like to thank everyone for all your support.

Second, I am now a part of a glog (group blog) called WORD DISCO. Here is the link to my first post on Word Disco.

Third, I am now being represented by the fabulous Teresa Kietlinski at Prospect Agency. Here’s the link to my portfolio on their site.

Fourth, NEW ART!

©Stephen Shaskan 2012 from Rat and Mouse and early chapter book series I am working on with my wife Trisha Speed Shaskan.

©Stephen Shaskan 2012 Another piece from Rat and Mouse’s first big adventure.

©Stephen Shaskan 2012 Revising Little Choo.

And fifth, a sneak peek at some art from the upcoming Three Triceratops Tuff (Simon&Schuster Spring 2013).

The Three Triceratops Tuff

The Three Triceratops Tuff

The Three Triceratops Tuff

Sixth, I have a cafepress site Rhymes With Trashcan

Tate shows off his stylin’ new Dog is a Dog Tee!

A Dog is a Dog Tee as modeled by Tate!



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A Dog is a Dog Fun Sheets!


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The girls get a dog!


Introducing Rags the dog! Ella and Ava are two characters that I’ve been working on. I recently reworked the story to include a super cute pup. A big thanks to my friends Tara and Scott for letting me take photos of their adorable Elliot.

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Share a Book coloring Sheet!


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Boneshaker Sketch


Boneshaker Books Sketch

This is a sketch for a flyer/postcard for an event at Boneshaker Books. Boneshaker Books is another great independent book store here in Minneapolis!

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A Dog is a Dog is appropriately on Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Hounds this week!


A Dog is a Dog is going to be featured on Art Hounds: Thursday January 5th at 8:25am and at 4:43pm on 91.1 FM …and it will also be online at mprnews​.org.

Each week Art Hound features three people from the Minnesota arts community talking briefly about a performance, opening, or event they’re excited to see or want others to check out.

The only stipulation is that it can’t be your own work or work you’re professionally, financially or personally associated with in any way.

The super talented Rich Barlow is one of the three people and he will be talking about A Dog is a Dog.

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