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Rhythm and Words Festival!


I had the amazing opportunity to present at the Rhythm and Words Festival in Burnsville this past weekend! Thanks to Jennifer Verbrugge, Dakota County Librarian extraordinaire, and the Legacy Funding. A big thank you to all the librarians from the Dakota County Libraries who helped out putting this fabulous event together!The presentation started with a favorite song about a dog, BINGO

Later in the presentation I had the kids come up with new animals and rhymes for the song “Down by the Bay.” That’s 4 years of the finest art school up there!

And of course lots of time at the end for dancing and acting like crazy kids!

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Henry says:

Those kids in the last photo seem to love sharing the stage with a rock star‐author.

I always love seeing kids dancing at my events! The tech guy was a little afraid of some of the cables o the floor, but it all worked out.

whadah ya think?

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