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Punky Posters!


Here are some posters I created for the PUNK SKUNK’s punk apartments! What are some of your favorite punk bands?

The Ham

The Ham

Shriouxsie Shrioux!

Shriouxsie Shrioux!

The Ratmoans!

The Ratmoans!

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KThese are terrific, Stephen. I go for Kathlee Hanna/Bikini Kill

Can you make that into an animal name?

Heather Zenzen says:

Claws N’ Noses
Elvis Pursley
Led Pelican

Bah. I’m no good at this. You, though! Awesome posters!

I like all of them, but maybe not quite punk enough! Thanks!

Spiwak says:

I’m late to the game but I just discovered your work hanging in a gallery at Hartwick College. Fantastic!

Koi Division?

Koi Division is great. So glad you saw my work at Hartwick. I had such a great time visiting the school and giving a lecture and workshop.

whadah ya think?

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