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Pirate Sketches!


Here are 4 character sketches for a future project.

A really bad pirate!

A really, really bad pirate!

A really, really, really bad pirate!

A really, really, really, really bad pirate!

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Nina Crittenden says:

This post should be rated Arrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Isha Shah says:

Dear Mr. Shaskan
you have inspired me ever scince you came to Greenwood Elementary I have my very first year here sorry I don’t have a website you are:funny,love what you do,and get along with alot of people . Again big thanks to you for inspiring me and we also have an Author day and another Author is going to come!

Hi Isha,
It’s great to hear from you! I had so much fun at Greenwood Elementary. I’m so glad you got inspired by my talk and my work. I hope to see your work some day. Thanks for your awesome note!

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