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Here’s a template for a 32 page picture book. There are always exceptions to the rule.


Here’s a template for a 32 page picture book with paste down pages and full color end papers. A few less pages to work with but you gain cool end papers.

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Sharalyn Edgeberg says:

Thanks for sharing these Stephen. A great helpful & useful guide.

Rita Russell says:

I really appreciate this template, Stephen. It’s helping me visualize my pages a lot more clearly. Thanks.

AJ says:

Thanks! In your standard 32‐page template (not the paste‐down version), why are the endpapers allotted 3 pages at beginning and end, instead of 2? Thank you for educating me!

In the standard no pastedown picture book the end paper is typically a solid color of paper that is separate from the page count. This piece of paper is pasted down to the cover and then there’s one more page (front and back) of this color paper before the title page. If you included the past down side of the endpaper it would account for 4 pages but does not take any pages away from the page count, and you only see three pages of the color paper.. This adds a decorative feature of the book binding process and I include it in the dummy because I often like to play around with what color I’d like that solid color paper to be. I think about what color would make sense for the art in the story. For instance, my book TOAD ON THE ROAD opens up (and closes) with three blank green page. Does this make sense? This is a hard thing to explain with words and would be much easy if I had a picture book with solid color endpapers to show you.

Peter Jarvis says:

Thank you so much for creating these templates for us Stephen. I am currently creating my very first children’s book. Your work is inspiring.

Glad these templates can be helpful.

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